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About Al Ansaar Foundation

Established In 1994.

A group of prominent businessmen set out to establish The Al Ansaar Foundation in 1994 in the hope of uplifting and improving the community

To promote education and guidance at all levels of society in order to develop individuals who are fully equipped to meet the challenges facing modern society and the transformations taking place on the African continent.

To create an enlightened, informed, educated and active community in South Africa.

While there were already other organisations in existence, these visionaries understood that it was their duty to address issues which they felt had been neglected. Therefore, The Al Ansaar Foundation was established to form an infrastructure to restore values and practices among South Africans and ultimately to reach communities. As a result, society will be more enlightened, educated and informed, thus empowering people to become active members of their respective communities.

Brief Overview

Since 1994

Al Ansaar Foundation has established steadfast projects to assist and aid both Islamic and Non-Islamic Communities such as:

Water Drive

We provide basic essentials far and wide thanks to the support of our donors.

Emergency Relief

Al Ansaar Foundation has helped raise funds for both local and international emergency relief campaigns.

Bread Drive

A community-driven project conducted by Al Ansaar Foundation to help families fight starvation.


The Etazkiyyah Centres for Learning was one of the leading projects undertaken by the Al Ansaar Foundation in 1994.

Al Ansaar Cancer Support Group

  1. Established in 2010
    • To provide psycho-social and emotional support to Cancer Patients, Caregivers and their family members.
    • Sharing of experiences.
    • To assist patients in understanding their illnesses.


    • Support patients during treatment of Radiation and Chemotherapy.
    • Transport offered to and from treatments at hospitals or oncology clinics.
    • Adopt a Patient – Exec members keep close telephonic contact and visits with their specific group of adopted patients.
    • Cancer Awareness program at schools – with the help of mammographers who teach young learners self breast examinations and importance of screening tests.
    • Hospital and home visits.
    • Mobile Library.
    • Counselling – Face to face and Telephonic.
    • Monthly Support Group meetings – 2nd Saturday monthly.
    • Wellness Day – open to Public – Health Awareness.
    • Pamper Sessions once a year for Patients.
    • Chai day – Fund Raising event– Open to Public in October.
    • Year End Luncheon – Patients and Caregivers.





2nd Saturday of every month.







The Al Ansaar Cancer Support Group is managed and run by :

Sister Rubina Paruk (Ameera)    082 786 8815

Sister Zohra Elias ( Executive Committee)  083 786 0595

Sister Zeba Anwary ( Executive Committee)  082 894 0511


The Al Ansaar Foundation has grown to achieve a track record of being one of the most progressive and active organisations in South Africa.

Radio Al Ansaar

Radio Al Ansaar is a muslim based community radio station and is broadcast on the frequency of 90.4FM in Durban and Pietermaritzburg on 105.6FM. Radio Al Ansaar. holds a Class Sound Broadcasting Service License. The Radio stations mandate is to provide a sound broadcasting service to the muslim community of Durban area in the Ethekwini municipality and in Pietermaritzburg in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Provence.

Ibn Masud Centre Of Excellence

The Ibn Masud Centre of Excellence was established in 2008.The School is a first of its kind underpinned with an Islamic ethos catering mainly for underprivileged children with special needs. Some of the impairments include Hearing and Speech,Down’s syndrome, Autism, Muscular and Cognitive disabilities, Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) & Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Only 10 % pay school fees, the other 90% cannot aord school or therapy fees.

Little Ansaari's Pre School And Montessori

Little Ansaari’s Pre-School and Montessori is a progressive, co-educational and non-denominational school, yet achieving all of this within an Islamic ethos. This pre-school is committed to preparing young children between the ages of 1.5 and 6 years old to meet the challenges of the future by providing a vibrant, stimulating and enjoyable environment that fosters independent thinking and an education that is globally competitive. AFTER-CARE Due to pressures and high cost of living both parents have to work to ensure they can provide for their families. Based on this fact Little Ansaari’s has introduced the aftercare program from the beginning of 2016.

The Etazkiyyah Centres For Learning

The Etazkiyyah Centres for Learning was one ofthe leading projects undertaken by the Al Ansaar Foundation in 1994 and was established at 222 Kennilworth Road,Overport, Durban. The Etazkiyyah Centres for Learning comprise three Madrassahs: • Clayton Road Primary School Madrassah • Mariam Bee Sultan Madrassah • Overport SRS Primary School Madrassah Classes are oered from grade 1 to grade 8 and the Madrassahs are supervised by the Islamic Educational Organisation of Southern Africa (IEOSA) and is coordinated by the Al Ansaar Foundation.

Building A Better World For And With The Community

Salman al-Farisi reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “There are blessings in three: the united community, tharid stew, and the pre-fasting meal.

Source: Shu’ab al-Imān 7114