Thursday, December 7

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Upcoming Welfare & Relief Schedule

60 Homes for Syrian Families

Every home has a story, and we believe in rebuilding the future for Syrian refugees. In the next 60 days, we are embarking on a mission to provide 60 homes for families who have lost everything. But we can’t do it alone – we need YOUR support.

Our Target
60 Homes

Slice of Life

Date of Distribution – Everyday
Price per loaf – R9

This months target
100,000 Loaves 30%

Water Drive

Date of Distribution – Everyday
Price per 5L – R15

This months target
10,000 L 63%

2023 Zakaat Policy

Al Ansaar Foundation ensures that every cent of Zakaat is dispensed in the same year that it is given. If required, section A18 certificate will be issued on request.

Zakaat Obligation

Al Ansaar Foundation uses a separate budget to dispense the Zakaat fund. Ensuring that all monies are dispensed to the recipients. 

Indeed Allah (SWT) has blessed the Muslim community in many ways, however, there are still many of our Muslim brothers and sisters who are struggling to obtain the most basic human necessities for themselves and their families.

Whether it is food hampers, walking aids or diapers for the aged and frail, your zakat is helping people when they need it most. Al Ansaar verifies the needs of all zakaat applications and ensures that they receive help on a timely basis, especially during seasonal months like Ramadan.

Zakaat distribution made easy online

Zakaat Status:

Target: R4,000,000
Collected: R1,700,000
Still required: R2,300,000