Saturday, December 2

Triple Oreo mousse dessert

Cooking with Bibi Aysha


Recipe of the week

Bibi Aysha Laher’s Oreo Mousse Dessert

Serves 6

– 1 packet of Oreo biscuits, put 3 biscuits aside. Remove the frosting from the remaining biscuits & crush using a rolling pin
– 500ml whipped cream
– 1 slab plain chocolate, melted
– 1 large clear bowl or 6 wine glasses

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1. Divide the whipped cream into 3 bowls
2. Leave one bowl of whipped cream as is
3. Add melted chocolate to the second bowl of whipped cream and beat to form a chocolate ganache
4. Add most of the crushed Oreo biscuits to the remaining bowl of whipped cream & beat together. Arrange the remaining crushed Oreo biscuits at the bottom of your large dessert bowl or individual dessert bowls.
5. Start layering the mousse beginning with a layer of crushed Oreo mousse, then top with a layer of whipped cream & end off with a layer of the chocolate ganache mousse.
6. Break the 3 Oreo biscuits in half & and add to the top of each individual dessert bowls or on the top of the large dessert bowl.
7. Serve chilled & enjoy!

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