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  • Zulkepli Mo’minin, a tasbih trader, fulfilled his dream of performing the umrah after an 18,000km solo motorcycle journey.
  • He faced challenges, including documentation issues at the Iran-Iraq border and a rocky path in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Despite the hardships, Zulkepli considered the journey a blessing and embraced it as Allah’s will.

Zulkepli Mo’minin, an Inspirational Journey.

Zulkepli Mo’minin, a 55-year-old tasbih trader, recently accomplished an extraordinary feat by traveling 18,000km on his motorcycle to perform the umrah in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Over the course of 108 days, he embarked on a solo journey, crossing 11 countries and encountering various challenges along the way. Let’s delve into his remarkable adventure and the lessons he learned.

The Journey Begins

Zulkepli commenced his expedition on July 8 from Gombak, Selangor. His route took him through Thailand, Laos, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and finally, Saudi Arabia. This epic journey was not without its fair share of obstacles.

Documentation Problems at the Iran-Iraq Border

One of the most unforgettable challenges Zulkepli faced was the unexpected delay he encountered at the Iran-Iraq border. Originally planning to spend only 11 days in Iran, he found himself staying for over a month due to documentation issues for entering Iraq, particularly at Shalamche.

“I did not expect such a bad situation to occur. It should have been a simple transit from Shalamche to Safwan, which is only 100km away. However, the Iraqi officials at the border did not allow me to enter,” Zulkepli recounted.

To resolve the problem, Zulkepli had to temporarily leave his motorcycle behind and fly from Ahvaz to Tehran, a distance of 900km, to apply for a visa at the Iraqi Embassy. After 15 days of bureaucratic hurdles, his visa application was finally approved, allowing him to continue his journey.

Overcoming Physical Challenges

Aside from the documentation issues, Zulkepli encountered physical challenges during his expedition. One particular ordeal was traversing a treacherous rocky path in Kyrgyzstan, spanning a grueling distance of 450km.

“Even though I had to face various tests and hardships throughout this journey, I accepted them as Allah’s will. In fact, I considered each test a blessing,” Zulkepli reflected.

A Spiritual Triumph

Zulkepli’s perseverance and unwavering faith brought him to his ultimate destination. He finally arrived in Mecca and Madinah, where he spent a few days fulfilling his religious duties. Afterward, he made the decision to have his motorcycle sent back home via sea cargo, while he himself returned by flight.

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