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Things to avoid during Tawaf

During Tawaf in Makkah, several things are considered Makruh (disliked or offensive) and hence must be avoided. They are as follows:-

  1. Discussing petty and worldly affairs during Tawaf is not allowed.
  2. Trading of products whether selling or buying is not allowed while a person is performing Tawaf in Makkah.
  3. In case one gets a phone call while in Tawaf, they are obliged to receive it and answer the person on the phone. However their conversation can not contain earthly matters or trade-related matters as it may be considered as Makruh. It is advisable to switch off your phones while in Tawaf.
  4. Do not pray or recite the Quran in a loud voice as it can disturb other people performing Tawaf.
  5. Wearing impure clothes while performing Tawaf is not advisable. Pilgrims must wear Ihram, which are plain white clothes (also unstitched for men) sans any colour, perfume or deodorant.
  6. To continue Tawaf while Namaz or Khutba (Preaching/Bayan) is ongoing in Kabbah is not allowed.
  7. Performing Tawaf while being hungry or angry is not advisable. Tawaf should be done with a peaceful and calm mind remembering Allah.

Tawaf Umrah and Hajj are similar in most ways. Tawaf symbolizes unity and equality as people from every corner of the world come together in one place irrespective of their status. It emphasizes spending time in worship of Allah and blossoming as a new personality at the end of Hajj or Umrah.

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Muhammad Salaahuddin
Marketing Manager at Radio Al Ansaar | Owner of Hayatım Cosmetic Brand
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