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Bollywood Star Rakhi Sawant Completes Umrah Pilgrimage in Makkah

Bollywood entertainer Rakhi Sawant, who had embraced Islam last year and renamed herself Fatima, has finished her Umrah customs at Masjid Al Haram in Makkah.

As per India media reports she required off for journey two or three days prior alongside her Rakhi sibling Waahiid Ali Khan and his significant other Shaista Ali Khan.

On his Instagram account, Waahiid posted an image of himself with Rakhi Sawant (presently Fatima) wearing white abaya before Blessed Kaaba.

“Kia hua wada nibhaya #umrah #mubarak may Allah satisfy every one of your desires Fatima @rakhisawant2511 (I have finished my commitment and May Allah satisfy every one of your desires Fatima),” Waahiid composed

Rakhi Sawant (Fatima) should be visible performing and attempting to figure out the ceremonies of Umrah with Shaista in one of the recordings via online entertainment stages

Among the few photographs doing adjust via online entertainment of her visit to Makkah and Madinah, in one of the photographs she should be visible contacting the Kaaba.

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In one more video she should be visible separating gravely while appealing to the All-powerful requesting that All-powerful assistance her during this troublesome period.

As per India media reports the two of them should have been visible wearing dark abaya upon their appearance in Madinah.

In a video, which she posted before her take off for Umrah, she should be visible saying that she feels exceptionally lucky that she will perform Umrah interestingly. She requests that everybody appeal to God for herself and says that she will likewise petition God for everybody.

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