Saturday, March 2

Cooking with Bibi Aysha


-6 slices of ciabatta bread, buttered and lightly toasted on both sides in a non-stick frying pan
-6 ribbons of salmon
-6 slices of spinach leaves, washed
– gherkins cut lengthwise
– red/purple onion rings
– cucumber slices
– Sweet chili flavored cream cheese for spreading
– salt, black pepper, lemon pepper to taste
– chopped fresh parsley for garnishing
– Salad cream or mayonnaise


Extending aid to Morocco's Earthquake Victims: Al Ansaar Foundation Calls for Your Support

Donate to our feeding schemes to those desperate for food and basic needs. Even R10 for the sake of Allah may be a means of barakat.

Rasulullah ﷺ said, ” Whoever relieves a believer’s distress of the distressful aspects of this world, Allah will rescue him from a difficulty of the difficulties of the Hereafter.”


1. Arrange the lightly toasted ciabaatta slices on a tray
2. Spread generously the cream cheese on each slice of bread
3. Arrange a spinach leaf on each slice
4. Now place 1 ribbon/slice of salmon on top of each spinach leaf, then top with cucumber slices, gherkin slices, onions rings & season to taste
5. Add a dollop of salad of salad cream or mayonnaise on top & sprinle with fresh, chopped, parsely
6. Serve cold & enjoy!

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