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Light Ahead of the Tunnel For South African businesses

South African companies may have a golden opportunity for growth if they target the right markets and promote themselves on a consistent basis.1 This is according to feedback given by companies which have partnered with Business Tech to run digital advertising campaigns.2 Their positive outlook remains in place despite the continuous load-shedding and a global economic slowdown sitting on the minds of many business owners and executives in the country.3 In fact, challenges like load-shedding have presented huge opportunities to local businesses.4 As things stand this should come as a surprise as regards to improving business, when the economy is sagging due to power outages. What huge opportunities have been presented due to Load-shedding and how have businesses reaped the benefits?       

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BusinessTech has seen a surge in advertising campaigns promoting a range of industries which provide solutions to power shortages. This includes alternative energy companies, particularly those specialising in the solar and battery storage verticals. It’s not only energy companies which are reaping success in South Africa in 2023, however. Banks and financial services firms are seeing strong growth in markets and verticals which have previously been underserviced. South Africa’s real estate players, specifically those in the luxury segment and gated residential estates, continue to expand and develop. The ICT sector is another standout performer, with increased demand for broadband connectivity and smart devices driving the market. As a result, companies in these sectors plan to increase their marketing spend in 2023 – with a focus on digital advertising. This sentiment aligns with the results of the 2023 South African Digital Marketing Report, which shows that online advertising provides the best ROI for businesses. (Great news for South African businesses)

So load-shedding has opened the doors for new innovations in technology that have provided businesses in terms of trade and sales with new opportunities. They have proven that they have struck gold due to the blackouts that have been staged across the Country. Alternative energy companies are charting themselves a new part through the darkness with renewable energy sources and battery installations and this could lead to new job opportunities. The optimism in expanding the sales on the new verticals and renewables energies such as solar and wind turbines should not be lost on the government. This could be a lesson of success for the state to learn from the private sector. The new financial growth coming in could lift the economy from the financial meltdown that is happening all over the world. South Africa could become a precursor for this type of technology. The country could serve as an innovator for the rest of the Southern African Development Community (SADC). South Africa could also encourage the use of this technology for the introduction of the electric vehicle (EV). There could be a lot more focus on technological innovations such as smart devices such as cell phones and I Pads. It depends on what route digital advertising will take.

Only time will tell what opportunities will be available through this.       




Great news for South African businesses

Growth opportunities are available for South African companies which target the right markets and promote themselves on a consistent basis. 1 2 3 4


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