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How to pay zakaat online

How to pay zakaat online

With the advancement of technology, it has become increasingly easy to pay Zakat online. Al Ansaar Foundation has developed an online platform that allows you to make payments electronically. This makes it easy and convenient for you to fulfill your Zakat obligation.


After calculating your Zakat, you can make the payment electronically via credit/debit card with our payment gateway “Payfast”. 

It is important to note that Payfast has a transaction fee of 3.5% + R2.00. You will have to add this amount to the zakat amount so that it does not come out of your zakat. So for example if you have R1000 of Zakat to pay. From that R1000, you will need to add 3.5% + R2.00 = R37. The total you should pay is R1037. You may even add a little more to be on the safe side. 

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Zakaat in a nutshell

As Muslims, one of the fundamental pillars of our faith is to pay Zakaat. Zakaat is a form of worship that is obligatory upon every sane, adult Muslim who possesses the required minimum amount of wealth (nisab). Zakaat is not only a means of fulfilling our religious obligation but it also has numerous worldly and hereafter benefits.

Lets explore some of the benefits of paying Zakaat.

Worldly Benefits:


  1. Purification of Wealth:

One of the main benefits of paying Zakaat is that it purifies our wealth. Zakaat is like a tax on our wealth that we pay to help those who are less fortunate. By paying Zakaat, we rid ourselves of any greed or selfishness that we may have in our hearts. This helps to purify our wealth and makes us more mindful of our blessings.

  1. Helping the Needy:

Zakaat is an excellent way to help the needy and less fortunate. Through our Zakaat, we can provide financial support to those who are struggling to make ends meet. By helping the needy, we can contribute towards creating a more equitable society and promote the well-being of our fellow human beings.

  1. Building Strong Communities:

By paying Zakaat, we can help build strong communities. Zakaat can be used to fund projects such as building schools, hospitals, and community centers. These projects can help to create a more prosperous and self-sufficient community that can better support itself and its members.


Hereafter Benefits:

  1. Pleasing Allah:

The ultimate benefit of paying Zakaat is that it pleases Allah. Allah has made it obligatory upon us to pay Zakaat as a means of helping those in need. By fulfilling this obligation, we are obeying Allah’s command and earning His pleasure.

  1. Forgiveness of Sins:

Paying Zakaat is also a means of seeking forgiveness for our sins. Allah has promised to forgive the sins of those who give charity (including Zakaat). By paying Zakaat, we are seeking forgiveness for our sins and hoping to attain Allah’s mercy.

  1. Increase in Wealth:

Allah has also promised to increase the wealth of those who give charity (including Zakaat). By giving away a portion of our wealth, we are demonstrating our trust in Allah’s provision and seeking His blessings. Allah has promised to bless those who give generously and to increase their wealth.

Al Ansaar Zakaat Policy

The new board of directors have reviewed, updated and improved the Al Ansaar Zakaah policy. Zakaah will only be collected for one financial year Zakaah will be dispensed before the end of that financial year. All zakaah collected will be utilized without any administrative cost. Our Finance team will be available to update you on Zakaah dispensed. Our zakaah portfolio is administered by Moulana Abdul Kader Sayed Ally. Should you have any queries, you are free to call Moulana on 076 786 4777 or Mr Ahmed Docrat on 031 208 1601.