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EFF Are Asking For Funding From Supporters

The African National Congress (ANC) is at loggerheads in Ekurhuleni municipality with its Coalition partner the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) over garbage Trucks the EFF say are missing from the municipality’s streets.1 The ANC accused the EFF of lying about 73 waste disposal vehicles missing.2 The EFF councilors claimed that 73 of 103 vehicles are missing from the streets.3 Even EFF’s national leader Julius Malema, also tweeted, that calling calling on Ekurhuleni residents to report any criminality over the stolen garbage trucks.4 But Ekurhuleni ANC acting regional chairperson, Jongizizwe Dlabathi, dismisses the allegations.5 He stated that all the waste disposal trucks had been accounted for, further saying the EFF were grandstanding.6 The ANC control most of seats in the Ekurhuleni Municipality, but it depends on the EFF to have a full majority of seats.

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The EFF alleges that when it visited depots across the municipality, it could only find 32 of the 103 garbage trucks that belonged to the City of Ekurhuleni. It went on to say that the trucks had been stolen. But its coalition partner has dismissed this as utter “rubbish”. The ANC said that all 103 trucks were there. The party’s Dlabathi said the EFF could not be making reckless and misleading statements without verifying the facts “It was therefore extremely irresponsible and misleading that seven trucks were stolen. The group CFO has confirmed that the trucks were not stolen.” He’s also accused MMCs who are EFF members of acting outside of the collective mayoral committee executive and has called on city’s mayor to reign in the said MMCs. (Ekurhuleni ANC Accuses Coalition Partner EFF of lying over ‘stolen’ Waste Trucks)

It looks like both the EFF and the ANC are stuck in a quandary of sorts. If there were cooperation between these two political parties over what vehicles and facilities are under their management and care, they should at least be able to keep an inventory (list) of the vehicles under their care. The EFF may not be known for having honesty in their record but they have the ears of the people who voted them into office and the ANC should be listening as well. If the EFF is to verify what they are saying they should provide evidence of what they are stating, such as photographs of where the trucks would usually stop to pick up garbage. The EFF have a lot of influence, if they suspect something is amiss, and then they could organize protests against the way the ANC is conducting the situation. Only time will tell how this will be taken care off.   

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