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Bill Gates Lab Grown Meat Officially Approved By USDA

Should we be worried?

The rise of cultivated meat, also known as lab-grown meat, which is being hailed as a groundbreaking innovation. Companies like Upside Foods and Good Meat have gained approval from the US Department of Agriculture to produce cell-based proteins, with backing from billionaire Bill Gates himself.

These artificially created proteins are produced in vats, akin to how beer is brewed in a brewery. According to Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of Good Meat, the ability to sell cultivated meat in the United States is being hailed as a monumental moment for their company, the industry, and the entire food system.

Good Meat has already been selling its lab-grown meat in Singapore, while Upside has been doing the same in other countries. Now, both companies are preparing to introduce their so-called “meat without slaughter” to the US market.

However, it’s important to note that despite claims of being a more ethical alternative targeting vegans, cultivated meat is not vegan, as it is still derived from animal cells. It may be marketed as a healthier option for consuming traditional meat products like hamburgers, chicken, and steak.

It is crucial to approach this development with caution, as the promotion of artificial proteins has been a long-standing agenda for individuals like Bill Gates, who envisions synthetic protein becoming a staple in the American diet. The potential consequences and long-term effects of relying on lab-grown meat in our food system should not be overlooked.

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what is lab grown meat

Lab-grown meat, also known as cultured meat, is a type of meat that is produced through in vitro cultivation of animal cells. It involves taking a small sample of animal cells, usually obtained through a biopsy, and placing them in a nutrient-rich culture medium that allows the cells to grow and multiply. Over time, these cells develop into muscle tissue, which can be harvested and processed into meat products.

The process of creating lab-grown meat typically involves three main steps: cell isolation, cell culture, and tissue formation. First, a small number of animal cells, such as muscle cells, are collected. These cells are then placed in a bioreactor or culture dish where they are provided with a suitable environment for growth. The culture medium contains various nutrients, such as amino acids, sugars, and vitamins, that support cell proliferation. Growth factors and scaffolds may also be used to help the cells organize into three-dimensional structures resembling natural muscle tissue.

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